A lot of owners who want to sell their business are ill advised on having an exit strategy. Business owners who plan to sell their business should plan ahead so that they can minimize unknown hurdles that always present themselves when working with a reading and willing buyer.


Buyers at seek the help of business brokers to look for the right business. When the find one, they usually negotiate a price and contingencies of the sale and move directly into the due diligence process. This process is quite complicated, time consuming, and extremely emotional for both buyer and seller. Do not add to the complication by being unprepared and this would discourage a potential buyer to look for something else. It usually takes six to nine months for a typical small to mid-sized privately held business. If you need help to prepare yourself for this, then a good business broker can do so for you.


Owning a business has many benefits. Years have seen many entrepreneurs having enjoying those benefits. But, when it is time to sell, these benefits can actually cause issues when you are trying to sell it. For more details about business valuation, check out


Income and assets give value to a business. These must be justifiable to a buyer if you are to maximize the sales prices of your business. If you have a business broker, be completely open and honest about all aspects of your business so they can best support your efforts in selling the business for maximum price without any last minute surprises. You can run the risk of undervaluing the selling price if the income cannot be properly shown are/or expenses may not be related directly to the business can't be proven as add backs.


You should also consider tax implications on the sale of your business. There could be different tax implication that you must beer ready for prior to closing. Ask advice from your account or attorney prior to selling your business so that you can voice last minute surprises. So, once your sign and agreement with a buyer to sell your business, it could be too late to change your mind without penalty.


A good financial planner should be consulted prior to selling your business so that you can maximize your return of the proceeds and land properly for retirement.



Meet with several reputable business brokers to discuss the potential sale of your busies. Potential hurdles will be pointed out to you that you need to address prior to selling your business. It is invaluable to have a good business broker in the sale of your business. These brokers usually don't get paid until the business is sold, so don't hesitate to call them for a free valuations. Many of the brokers have relationships with legal, accounting, tax, and financial planning professionals to whom they may refer you, click to know more!